Vai alla Traduzione

Come down tapping on the glass
as I lock the passenger door
Somehow it got in the back
now I can’t relax anymore
Last night got a hold of me,
I can’t wrestle free from my head
Sunlight banging on the wall
begging me for more promises

And I slip and I slide
like a spider on an icicle
Frozen in time
It’s a trick of the light,
I got a girl around the corner still
trying to change my mind.
And never in my wildest dreams has it occurred to me to try to go to sleep.
Wonder whether I’ll grow curious
when old Dr. Dusk comes to call for me.
Midnight I’m like her specialty,
she’ll outmuscle me, certainly
in the end.
Midnight has got the hots for me
and I’m about to be
born again.

Love hearts heavy in her hands,
Oh no not again!
New regrets
Rough start but we all know that dance
Do those old boots remember the steps?


Everything You've Come To Expect

Track Count: 12
Artist: The Last Shadow Puppets
Explicit: Explicit
Released: April 1, 2016
℗ 2016 Domino Recording Co Ltd

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