Suck It and See

Vai alla Traduzione

Your love is like a studded leather headlock
Your kiss it could put creases in the rain
You’re rarer than a can of dandelion and burdock
And those other girls are just postmix lemonade

Suck it and see you never know
Sit next to me before I go
Jigsaw women with horror movie shoes
Be cruel to me cos I’m a fool for you

I poured my aching heart into a pop song
I couldn’t get the hang of poetry
That’s not a skirt girl that’s a sawn off shotgun
And I can only hope you’ve got it aimed at me

Blue moon girls from once upon a shangri la
How I often wonder where you are
You have got that face that just says “baby, I was made to break your heart”

Suck It and See - Single

Track Count: 2
Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Released: October 31, 2011
℗ 2011 Domino Recording Co Ltd

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