CIgarette Smoker Fiona

Sat at the side of the pool at one of your houses with wet white trousers on
And worlds collide as the evening continues the dignity fucks off
Her brothers gone off to the strippers to make up for all the lost time
She could have been one of the bitches but she’s actually alright

Cigarette smoker, im sorry but we’re all unsure, how much you’ve had but we think that you ought to maybe not have anymore

A country home even if we really tried wouldn’t cease to surprise us now
And bet your dad would like to give us all a slap when are your parents back d’you know?
I never came from no ghetto but it wasn’t nowhere near here
Well spoken girls and stilettos, aren’t something to fear

Cigarette smoker, cigarette smoke doesn’t hide as well as you think and you’d think that it ought to act as the perfect disguise

Who the F*** Are Arctic Monkeys? - EP

Track Count: 5
Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Explicit: Explicit
Released: April 24, 2006
℗ 2006 Domino Recording Co Ltd

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